Our Chelsea Garden 2013

This year was the centenary for the Royal Horticultural Society and we decided to do something diferent. If you are a listener to Radio Cambridgeshire then you may have been following Luke’s progress with his meadow and scree garden display. After a  lot of work he finally put the display togetheriphone 100.

First came the loading and the cutting up of the meadow which was very heavy with all the rain we had had.

Once he was there it all started to slot into place but even so this took several days to put together and many journeys back and forth to Chelsea.

iphone 123iphone 116

As you can see from this picture Nuture was on this side divided by the wall from Nature on the other side.



This side was nature. Luke used other plants in the meadow like Gentiana dahurica and verna, Alliums and Phyteuma all varieties found in the Dolomites which is what this meadow was imitating.

iphone 125

The finished stand!

We had lots of media coverage this year which makes up for the Bronze medal.

We would like to thank Radio Cambridgeshire for all their help in promoting Luke’s progress to Chelsea and a big Thank You to Vanessa Mann for all the time and effort she put into it especially on days when it was either freezing cold or pouring with rain.

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